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The new gen 5 LT1 and LT4 engines can be damaged when the high pressure fuel pump can't keep up. The LT4 cars over whp without an overdriven cam and whp with an overdriven cam can see this. The direct port meth kit with the lid spacer goes under the lid to allow 1 port per cylinder for even meth injection fuel distribution taking the strain off of the OEM fuel system while adding octane and cooling the charge post boost!

The same can be done with spray bars for nitrous! The LT4 cars over whp without an overdriven The LT4 cars over whp without an overdriven cam and LT4 Lid Spacer.

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LT4 Lid Spacer with meth ports tapped. More info The new gen 5 LT1 and LT4 engines can be damaged when the high pressure fuel pump can't keep up.

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Perfect example is type of hoses used. When you purchase an Injection system from Alkycontrol your getting a product thats been tested time and time again by some of the fastest out there, be it cars, trucks, jet skis, airboats, and even a world record holding airplane.

Years ago, injection systems were marketed using a simple pressure switch, relay, nozzle, and pump. This is a very basic system and is still sold by many companies. From the beginning, this design had weaknesses. What is needed in order to achieve a balance of system pressure vs.

Enter the "trial and error" phase of system tuning The next advancement was the use of a variable voltage controller which could be located in the "cockpit". Now, changes to pump voltage drive could occur. Great new feature with minimal experimentation Wait, there's another new hurdle. When the boost needle hits 15 PSI, we realize there is a system "time-delay".The improved airflow design of the lid increases up to Black Anodized.

Clear Anodized. Want to add a little warranty friendly factory HP bump to your C7? Take a look at the GM air Select options. Quick View. Whipple: 2. Have you been waiting to Looking for a cold air intake from a well known manufacturer synonymous for quality and performance? Take a closer look Considering having your supercharger ported? Supercharger porting is proven to help free up These cooling manifold adapters allow you to remove the front coolant crossover tube so the intercooler bricks can receive flow This damper is fully engraved for Fasterproms: 2.

Looking to spin that supercharger harder and make more power? Add this smaller solid 1 piece upper pulley to the This mm diameter idler pulley can be used to correct belt length when changing supercharger pulleys or harmonic balancer This 76mm diameter idler pulley can be used to correct belt length when changing supercharger pulleys or harmonic balancer sizes Whether you're running stock boost on the supercharged C7 Z06 or an upgraded pulley kit, you're already aware of the Fasterproms: 1.

Introducing the Granatelli Motor It's a well-known fact that the LT1 and LT4 engines have fuel starvation issues which directly lead to blown rings Description The Nitrous Express C7 plate systems feature Spraybarless technology for the ultimate in atomization and distribution.

The billet plate Edelbrock: E Force 2. Features Get instant, reliable and safe horsepower with the Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger Kit Bolt-on installation—no cutting or modification needed Fits As the power output on modified LT1 and LT4 engines increases, the need for proper crankcase ventilation becomes more and Saikou Michi Co. These are not blingy The C7s are know to have heat issues resulting in temps that pull massive timing.


This 1. Looking for a 5" intake to maximize the airflow to your supercharged C7 Corvette? The C7 ZR1's engine makes some massive power; however, with this power comes a lot of heat too! Have youThe ZL1 cover itself is a different design with a hump in the middle and smooth inside directing airflow into the runners vs the webbing inside the CTS-V lid. As for the bricks, the CTS-V brick is thicker and has the mounting brackets on the sides in the way of airflow.

The intercooler consists of two cores, the coolant enters the bottom port, goes through one core, turns around in the end tank and goes through the other core before exiting through the top port.

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This pressure differential causes the intercooler end tank to collapse and restrict flow. What about the ZL1 lid?

CTS-V ZL1 6.2L LSA Supercharger Coolant Line -12AN Adapter Fittings

It is stronger due to a different location of the mounting brackets giving extra thickness to the sides of the end tank.

However, here is an example from a car that was running maybe 12psi for about 2k miles:. Something we see quite a bit with CTS-V bricks is fin damage caused by heat and air flow. This is something we have yet to see with a ZL1 brick likely due to the higher fin density and better brazing. To begin, this is the top side of the LSA supercharger:.

The square area in the middle has a gasket that seals it to the intercooler brick inside the lid, the hot air enters the lid through the triangular opening through which you see the rotors, goes through the intercooler brick where it transfers heat into the coolant to be carried out and cooled by the heat exchanger.

This is a cutaway of a collapsed intercooler brick where you can see where the end tank will actually block the flow:. What does this cause?

Here is a photo of the return flow into a trunk tank through a collapsed intercooler vs a straight one on the same car on the same day:. At what boost level does this happen? Here is an example of a collapsed CTS-V brick from a car that was stock:. And another from a 2.

zl1 lid

And another from a slightly higher boost level:.Tired of those ugly rubber lines coming off the front of your LSA supercharger? Our fittings are a simple 5 minute install that will convert it over to AN fittings. Viton o-ring inside makes for a water tight seal and the set screw keeps the fitting from coming off. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. High quality part. Swapped an lsa motor into a Chevy.

Needed these to get the cooler lines fabbed. Nice fit and finish. Site Information. Please wait See 7 more pictures. Shipping: Free Shipping. Minimum Purchase: unit s. Maximum Purchase: unit s. Gift Wrapping:.

zl1 lid

Buy in bulk and save. Add To Cart. Add to Wish List. Made from billet aluminum and then anodized Black for a clean look! Perfect for LSA engine swaps! Write a headline for your review here:. Write your review here:. Your email: We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Enter your name: optional. Save My Review. Customers also viewed. Choose Options.

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zl1 lid

Change Currency. Estimated International Date Check Fit. Chevrolet Performance Replacement Supercharger Components. Brand: Chevrolet Performance. Manufacturer's Part Number: UPC: Supercharger Component Type: Lid.

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Supercharger Component Finish: Black powdercoated. Quantity: Sold individually. Notes: Supercharger lid with cooler. Chevrolet Performance offers a variety of genuine factory replacement components for OEM superchargers—including lids and intercooler insulators.

These parts will help to renew the efficiency and power of your unit, because they're developed by the same team that created your vehicle. Why risk poor fit and subpar performance of another brand? Order the components recommended for your application. I have a Customer Service question order, shipping, returns, etc. I would like to ask other customers a question about this Product.

I don't remember if they came with bolts, but the lid works great! If it didnt come with bolts I must of reused my own. The supercharger is not water cooled, but it does have an air to water intercooler to cool the charge air. Yes, the male side is attached into the lid.

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zl1 lid

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2014 Chevy SS - Supercharging the SS Pt 2 - ZL1 Lid Unboxing/Tear Down

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